The Artisanal Market


Celebrating Kenya’s finest master craftsmen and women is what the Artisanal Market is all about. We want to create a community of people who appreciate locally made, natural and sustainable products.

The products will include a variety of handcrafted items ranging from unique jewellery pieces to  amazing authentic interior design pieces to adorn your home. These pieces represent our rich culture and heritage and are a reflection our our identity and pride as a nation.

Other than the market satisfying our aesthetic tastes, the resources are sourced locally and ethically. Think of the cotton grown from local farms being spun into a fantastic canvas to an artist to add their imprint on,  to the hand whipped shea butter we adorn ourselves with made from seeds of a shea tree. The creativity, thought and skill put into artisan products makes the products delivered all the more worthy of appreciation for their quality. 

Coming a little closer to home, we at Fior Di Latte are hosting the Artisanal market on the farm where we too turn the delicious milk produced by our dairy cows into intensely delicious gelato. We pride ourselves as artists, creating the magic that is your favourite gelato and sorbets from locally sourced products. The thought that goes into spinning our resources into those mouthwatering treats that can be found at our website, is a craft we are proud to have. 

It is our great pleasure to host such this market and celebrate our fellow artists and craftsmen from different fields, showcasing our products that have been put in individual effort, and boast our creativity, identity and varied yet brilliant culture. They say “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people” but I’d like to add that it can also be shown in the beauty that is craftsmanship.

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