Lactose Intolerant

Saturdays are for hangouts at Fior Di Latte and a number of cool kids have got the drift. They love to come and hangout at the store as they catch up and wait for there guardians to pick them up. As they hangout they tend to buy different flavors of Gelato as they share amongst themselves and enjoy each other’s company.

On this Saturday afternoon two kids who were part of the group were not having any Gelato, they just sat and watched as there friends indulged in the different flavours they had chosen. Our store keeper approached the two young boys and asked them if they would love to have some of the Gelato there friends were having. The two were siblings and the older one stated they wish they could but they can’t. Puzzled thinking to herself the store keeper offered them an in the house offer but the eldest sibling said they have never had Ice Cream because they are allergic to milky things. It dawned on the store keeper that the boys were lactose Intolerant and thus she had the best solution for them: our Sorbets which are fruit based. She explained to them that a Sorbet would not contain dairy and would be essentially fruit, water, and stevia. One of the boys asked what Stevia was. She explained to them that it’s a herb a natural sweetener used instead of Sugar. She then let them sample the different types of Sorbets available ranging from Strawberry Sorbet Lemom Sorbet, Tree Tomato Sorbet, Mango Sorbet and Passion Sorbet. They were so excited you should have seen there faces ! They each chose a flavor and happily munched them. Once there guardian had come to collect them they were so excited to share the news of there new discovery !

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