When you walk into Fior Di Latte , you are greeted with a beautiful display of fresh, creamy, eye-catching treats. If you’re looking to watch your weight and overall health, this display could be intimidating. You’d probably think to yourself, “There’s no way such yummy looking desserts could both excite my taste buds and still be healthy right?” I think you’d be happy to know that is absolutely not true! 

Can you believe that the Gelato offered by us at Fior Di Latte is not only tasty and full of flavour but also comes with a variety of health benefits and is low in calories. This is great news for all our weight watching customers, as you can enjoy amazing treats without ever having to worry about it negatively impacting your healthy lifestyle. So yes, you can enjoy our yummy treats after hitting the gym with absolutely no regrets!

Let me school you on ways you can enjoy your scoops of creamy refreshing Gelato in a healthy manner. Firstly, you could ditch your normal greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs and replace it with a healthy filling bowl of Gelato paired with your favourite bran cereal. This as well is a total upgrade from your regular bowl of morning cereal, as your usual everyday milk is replaced with sweet delicious Gelato in the flavour of your choosing. 

These creamy flavours range from our very own signature Fior Di Latte flavour while others include  Tiramisu, Creamy Caramel and Velvetty Vanilla. Unbelievable right? Yet another way you could incorporate gelato into your healthy breakfast is by adding it to your protein shake, giving it that creamy delightful twist. Adding gelato increases the amount of protein in your shake so you’ll definitely see those gains results much faster! Choosing to level up your breakfast by adding Gelato will not only fuel your day by giving you the necessary nutrients needed, but will also add a succulent experience to this otherwise drab life.

Another creative healthy combo is by adding your favourite Gelato flavour to your fruit platter as an accompaniment. Say goodbye to cheat days as this snack will satisfy your sugar cravings while still being kind to your waistline. You may be reading this article thinking, “I would love to try this, but I’m lactose intolerant,” We got you covered! Fior Di Latte does not leave anyone behind. Our Coconut Lime Gelato is made with coconut milk extracted from our very own Kenyan coast coconuts. However you get to choose whether you’d like your Gelato made with almond, coconut or cashew milk, according to your preference.

Looking to reduce your sugar intake while indulging your sweet tooth? Fior Di Latte offers a variety of sorbet including strawberry, tree tomato and lemon mist. These sorbets are fruit based, therefore are sugar-free, curbing your sugar craving while providing you with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, adding a healthy kick. Try our delightful flavours today by ordering from our website and watch your taste buds thank you. We offer a wide variety of Gelato flavours catering to every type of customer. Fear not, all dietary needs matter!

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