Gelato for lunch – Healthier than a Sandwich!


Sandwiches who doesn’t love a good filling Sandwich?

Sandwiches come in different types and sizes and they are easy to make and are healthy because they are rich in fiber, proteins, iron and vitamins.

Something cool about Sandwiches is how it’s easy to prepare one and to carry to work. At times we substitute it for an amazing fruit salad from the lady who sells them to almost each and every office space within the city but did you know you could also substitute those healthy options for another Healthier option which is Gelato yes Gelato.

Substitute beloved your Sandwich for a scoop of Gelato

The ingredients used to make gelato are – milk, cream, sugar, water, fruit, nuts and more – which determine its high nutritional value. The Milk provides high-quality proteins and calcium; lactose and saccharides, the sugars used in gelato, provide a good source of energy.

A healthy option that is amazingly delicious
Important differences between industrial-made ice-cream and fresh, artisan gelato is that artisan gelato has less fat and contains less air than ice-cream and is served at a higher temperature. These factors give artisan gelato it’s richer taste. Artisan gelato offers a wider variety of flavours than ice-cream; it is made with fresh ingredients in smaller quantities, and never contains the long-life ingredients that ice-cream, produced in large quantities, employs.

Gelato is good for you

So, next time you eat gelato, don’t feel guilty – gelato is good for you!

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