Did you know Plum is a Super Fruit? 

Did you know that Plums are a Super Fruit?

December is Plum season! As you drive along the highway towards Kinangop and Limuru, ngunias (sacks) full of ripe bright red plums line up the fairway, beckoning us to savour their delicious flavour. Plums are a prefect antidote to a Kenyan summer’s day. We love our plums and most varieties have Japanese origin

Plums are not only tart and deliciously refreshing, they can also be considered a ‘superfood.’ When compared with the much exhalted superfood qualities of Blueberries, Texas A&M University researchers found that plums matched and even exceeded the antioxidant as well as phytonutrients associated with disease prevention. With additional benefits like:

• Cholesterol free

• Sodium free and

• Fat free


Yellow vs Red Plum?


Another interesting but little known fact is that Plums have more nuances in their flavour than different varieties of peaches or nectarines. The colour of the skin however, does not influence the flavour of the skin.


Meet our newest flavour – Plum Sorbet


In keeping with our mission of brining truly authentic flavours that we have grown up with in Kenya, we have created a plum sorbet, befitting of the Kenyan summer.


To create this refreshing treat, we are careful to select ripe plums that are firm all round. We source our plums from Kinangop. They are juicy and have mouth puckering taste that borders on sweet and a little sour. The flesh clings to the stone, so our Chef painstakingly removes each seed. We blend it, churn it slowly as we freeze it, creating a melt in your mouth, unbelievable smooth texture.


All our sorbets are dairy free and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Delightfully refreshing!


“Bloom on”


Have you noticed the white, waxy coating on Plums? This waxy and protective coat is produced by the fruit itself and when the coat is left on, it is known as ‘bloom on’. It provides a much more authentic experience of being straight from the orchard. As children, we would climb plum trees and enjoy eating them while perched on a strong branch on the tree. To remove the bloom, a gentle rub on our tees did the trick. For our Plum sorbet production however, we make sure that we give the plums a through rinse in water.


Enjoy the Kenyan summer with our latest addition made from the freshest seasonal fruits, this month it is Plum


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