Healthy Flavours for Sugar-free Gelato and Sorbet Fans!


If you are diabetic and already concerned about your blood sugar levels, having to deal with added sugars in your favorite frozen treat can be a nightmare. In addition to the effect it has on your waistline, a high intake of sugar has been linked to diabetes and other diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

But having diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy ice cream. You simply need to find the best gelato and sorbet flavours for diabetics. If you’re craving a cold creamy treat, but without all the sugar, there are sugar free, or no sugar added Italian ice cream options.

A good sugar free Italian ice cream not only tastes great but can also help you lower your blood glucose levels and lose excess weight, which is important in diabetes treatment. No-sugar ice creams promote weight loss and blood sugar control, and may even stop weight gain and diabetes in their tracks.

Best Flavours for Diabetics

There’s absolutely no reason why gelato-loving diabetics should give up their favorite sweet treat. When searching for your next dessert, it’s not only important to find an Italian ice cream parlour that offers a diversity of quality flavours, but one that also crafts each flavour with dietary restrictions in mind.

Fior Di Latte offers all-natural gelato and sorbet varieties for people with specific diet preferences. Be it sugar-free gelato, dairy-free gelato, vegan-friendly gelato, vegetarian-friendly gelato or gluten-free gelato and sorbets, Fior Di Latte has got you covered. 

Sugar free Italian ice cream flavours include all sorbets, as well as gelato made from almond and/ or coconut milk: hazelnut, pistaccio, vanilla, chocolate, mint and coconut. The sugar-free gelato includes icy cold delights filled with amazing flavor and nutrients, while the all-fruit, no-sugar-added sorbets offer a fantastic scoop of fruity creaminess. Both refreshing treats are served up in delicious hand-crafted gluten-free cones made from rice, potato and tapioca flour.

Lactose intolerant? Do not fret. We’ve got you covered

The almond milk gelato and coconut milk gelato flavors are the ideal options for diabetics because they do not contain added sugar or fat. They also offer the best choice in the market today in terms of calorie, sugar and saturated fat content for those trying to lower their blood sugar and lose weight.

Sugar free gelato
Sugar free gelato – indulgence with a healthy twist

By choosing these flavors, you can keep a lid on added sugars and still get to enjoy the naturally-occurring and diabetic-friendly sugars from the fruit, nut and milk ingredients. These are healthy sugar substitutes that provide a hint of sweetness without the harmful effects of sugar, not to mention the calories.

Indulgence with a  Healthy Twist.

You are not alone in your concerns about added sugars. We believe that everyone, no matter their dietary preference, should be able to enjoy delicious Italian ice cream. Fior Di Latte’s sugar-free gelato and sorbets make it possible to enjoy minutes of dessert indulgence, along with years of healthy living.

Find us at Healthy U, Sarit Centre and Yaya Centre. You can also find gluten free flour, almond milk, coconut milk at Healthy U stores country wide. 

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