Wicked Watermelon

watermelon-1379990_1920 watermelon-815072_1920The only thing more refreshing than a slice of watermelon is a delicious scoop of Fior di Latte’s Wicked Watermelon. Made from farm fresh ingredients and real fruit, this chilled dessert is a cross between traditional Italian ice cream and sorbet. The Italian ice cream is so fluffy and light, it will make you smile. Its fresh unabashed flavor of pure watermelon as ice cream is truly something else. Our frozen watermelon dessert is the perfect sweet treat for a hot summer’s day. Dig in!

KSh 3,000


Get Naughty in Nairobi with Wicked Watermelon

Wicked Watermelon features tasty watermelon mixed with cool and creamy Italian sorbet to create a great dessert. Watermelon is an extremely fresh flavour and it is perfect on a warm day in Nairobi. It is very aqueous, transparent, summary. The delicate pink colour makes it a favourite on the gelato display. We churn delicious watermelon sorbet to create this impressive frozen treat. You’ll think it’s a slice of watermelon, but it’s not. Cute, quirky and refreshing, Fior di Latte’s whimsical dessert is certain to delight all ages.

Our classic, palate-cleansing sorbet is made in the true Italian style!

To create this refreshing treat, we use the juice from Ukambani sourced watermelons to create a memorable watermelon sorbet. We blend it, churn it slowly as we freeze it, creating a melt in your mouth, unbelievable smooth texture.

Try Our Naughty But Nice Wicked Watermelon!

Everyone loves a sorbet but Wicked Watermelon is even more enticing. Fior di Latte creates a sorbet delight layered with bright colors, making every scoop of our refreshing watermelon Italian ice cream a taste of summer. Enjoy!


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Inspired by creamy watermelon gelato, Wicked Watermelon captures the essence of summer. Fior di Latte’s light and refreshing dessert combines the fresh look of watermelon with the sweet, cool taste of delicious Italian ice cream.