Velvetty Vanilla

Creamy, cold, sweet and delicious, Velvety Vanilla makes for the perfect treat on a sunny day. Create unforgettable memories over a tub of Fior di Latte’s heavenly gelato treat. Every scoopful will dazzle you.

KSh 2,500


Nairobi’s Irresistible Velvety Vanilla Gelato

Velvety Vanilla is luscious, creamy, dense and packed with vanilla flavour – the perfect sweet treat for lovers of Italian ice cream. We blend vanilla beans with the freshest milk, cream and sugar to create a clean, authentic vanilla gelato. No need to trick up this gelato with fancy toppings. Elegant in flavour, the mouthwatering delight is best savoured with nothing more than a cookie.

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Cream
  • Dextrose
  • Vanilla

Give In to The Temptation of Velvety Vanilla!

Velvety Vanilla gelato is made fresh from uncompromised ingredients. This means our great colours and intense flavours come from actual vanilla beans. Just in time for the hot weather, Fior Di Latte’s creamy, sweet gelato treat will cool you down. Dig in!

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Weight 1 kg

Dark Walnut, Walnut


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Italian decadence at its finest, Velvety Vanilla offers a rich vanilla flavor with a hint of milk to give you a taste of the classic gelato treat. The aroma of vanilla gives this rich and buttery gelato a great tropical twist.

Fior di Latte’s traditionally-made gelato features only the finest quality fresh ingredients. Vanilla beans with a rich flavor, a sweet balsamic scent and a slight hint of licorice are blended with fresh dairy, to produce the ultra-luxurious, creamy texture of this authentic Italian gelato.