Made with all the ingredients of the classic tiramisu cake, our Tiramisu gelato is thick, creamy and offers the ideal balance of rich mascarpone to coffee flavoring. This top-notch gelato traces its origins to Veneto, the birth place of the classic tiramisu cake. But why travel all the way to Italy for the perfect tiramisu gelato, when you can get it right here? Fior di Latte coaxes the best flavor from choice ingredients and uses them to perfection in this gelato, to ensure that the big, bold flavor of tiramisu remains true.

KSh 2,500


A Tasty Tiramisu Gelato for a Hot Nairobi Day

Authentic Italian tiramisu may be hard to come by, but our mouthwatering Tiramisu gelato flavor offers the next best thing. Fior di Latte’s tribute to the traditional Italian dessert features a bold and complex gelato with exceptionally smooth indulge that’s light on the palate. Our delicious gelato keeps you happy and cool.

Ingredients  – ‘Cow to Cone’ – no preservatives, no eggs, no gelatine – all natural – the healthier option

  • Our very own cows’ milk
  • Skimmed Milk powder
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose

Enjoy a Scoopful of our Delicious Tiramisu Gelato!

If you love the flavor of tiramisu, then Fior di Latte’s Tiramisu gelato is just the dessert for you. During a hot day, when craving a creamy Italian ice cream, give our gelato a try. You won’t regret it!


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Fior di Latte churns select ingredients to create a delicious, creamy frozen treat that makes for the perfect dessert. Savor this delightful moment of delicate mascarpone and gourmet cocoa embodied in our full-flavored Tiramisu gelato.