Creamy, cold, luscious and sweet - just when you thought sorbets couldn’t possibly taste any more amazing than they already do, Fior di Latte came up with this new creation that you simply can’t resist. For our delicious Mango sorbet we use only the sweetest mangoes with a rich and creamy texture that beautifully balances with the bright and tart lime juice. You are bound to love the fruity flavor and sunny color of this light dessert. Let a scoop of our refreshing Mango sorbet cool you down!

KSh 3,000


The Most Delicious Mango Sorbet in Nairobi

Rich, tart and sweet, our Mango sorbet has a creamy texture that verges on Italian ice cream. It also has a bright-gold color to complement its fresh, vibrant flavor. To create this refreshing treat with sweet fruit intensity, we blend juicy, tropical mangoes into a smooth puree. The sorbet does not contain milk, which makes it great for the lactose intolerant. Enjoy it as is, or with your favorite fruit salad.


  • Mango puree
  • Lime juice concentrate
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Natural Flavor
  • Pectin

Try our Tasty Mango Sorbet Today!

Our Mango sorbet offers the perfect Italian ice cream fix to make you feel happy and energized, while cooling you down on a hot day. Fior di Latte’s delicious tropical delight is one of those flavors that will keep you coming back for more. Dig in!


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Fior di Latte delivers a fresh and zesty Mango flavor and the smooth, slightly icy texture you crave in a sorbet. Our creamy, luscious and yummy-looking Mango sorbet makes for a sweet dessert.