Heavenly Hazelnut

When hazelnuts, cream and sugar come together, that’s amore! Fior di Latte’s Heavenly Hazelnut gelato offers a timeless combination of exquisitely rich flavors. Roasted hazelnuts are steeped in soft cream to produce an intense flavor and smooth texture. We use premium quality hazelnuts that pair well with our farm fresh dairy. Delicate, nutty and sweet, our classic gelato flavor offers a refined Italian treat filled with sweet hazelnut goodness. We love our creamy, artisanal hazelnut gelato so much we just had to share it with you.

KSh 2,500


Nairobi’s Heavenly Hazelnut Creamy Delight

Heavenly Hazelnut is a gelato with the intense flavour of the finest quality hazelnuts. Cream and hazelnut are the main ingredients in this Italian-inspired frozen treat. Sweet and earthy, the gelato has an incomparable texture that melts in your mouth. When the hot sticky summer heat makes you want to go nutty, Fior di Latte’s hazelnut gelato offers the perfect respite.

Ingredients  – ‘Cow to Cone’ – no preservatives, no eggs, no gelatine – all natural – the healthier option

  • Our very own cows’ milk
  • Skimmed Milk powder
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Hazelnut

Go Nutty with Heavenly Hazelnut Gelato!

Hazelnut and cream – Wow, what an enticing combination! Fior di Latte’s Heavenly Hazelnut is simply divine with its robust hazelnut flavour. Our hazelnut is a particularly good Italian ice cream flavour for the cold months. You’ve simply got to try it!


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Picture ground roasted hazelnuts swirled into fresh milk and then frozen to creamy perfection. That’s essentially what Fior di Latte’s Heavenly Hazelnut gelato tastes like – hazelnut heaven. It's a gelato so good you'll want more than just one scoop.