Gooseberry Sorbet

This delicately balanced gooseberry sorbet is an intensely delicious healthy option.

KSh 2,500


Capture childhood memories with one delicious bit of our delightful gooseberry sorbet, a fruit based ice cream. Reminisce all the foot loose and fancy free days spent with friends and cousins picking gooseberries as you enjoy this beautifully balanced gelato.

This typical summer gooseberry fruit is rare to find in local supermarkets. Though it is tart as a fruit, it makes delicious sorbet, packed with vitamin C. We forage for these golden yellow berries from our very own farm. The flavour captures a delicate essence of this wild berry. With no preservatives or artificial additives, you will be enjoying every last bite. This sorbet has no fat as it is made from only the freshest gooseberry juice.


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