Gelato Cake- Themed

Gelato Cake - Themed is a delightfully delicious frozen dessert made from our very own exclusive range of wonderful gelato flavors. At Fior di Latte, you can have your gelato cake themed - and eat it too! From pretty dolls to fun trucks, we craft diverse themes and offer tasty flavors for you to enjoy so you never have a dull moment at your party. If you love all things gelato, you’ll love the creamy texture of our themed gelato cakes. And your guests will thank you too.

KSh 5,000


Delicious Gelato Cake – Themed For a Fun Party

Gelato Cake – Themed is our popular dessert of cake base topped with your favorite gelato flavor. Fior di Latte offers themed gelato cakes for every occasion: parties and dinners, weddings and bridal showers, receptions or a simple get-together among friends. Our themed gelato cakes are a great choice for kids, or just for something different.


  • Cream
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Yeast

Enjoy a Scoopful of our Gelato Cake – Themed!

No one makes Gelato Cake – Themed like Fior di Latte. We can do any single flavor, a blend of two or more or layer two flavors onto your gelato cake. Choose any of our Italian ice cream flavors or create your own masterpiece. Order your themed gelato cake today!


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Fior di Latte puts together Gelato Cake - Themed for every kind of party you can think of. Nothing’s impossible for our creative chefs. Choose from our diverse themes of delicious gelato cakes to suit your special occasion.