Coffee Gelato

When it comes to coffee, Fior di Latte’s mission is to create an authentic Italian ice cream experience with a focus on quality. We pride ourselves in offering unique ice cream flavors and our classic Coffee gelato does not disappoint. The gelato is a sweet combination of cream, sugar and espresso, handcrafted from organic in-house roasted coffee. Perfectly creamy and spiked with espresso, our Coffee gelato is purely delish. Soften this frozen treat into cups, dust with coffee granules and serve it at your weekend brunch.

KSh 2,500


Nairobi’s Divine, Irresistible Coffee Gelato

An all time favourite, Coffee gelato is simple yet classic gelato flavour that is more refreshing than hot coffee on a summer’s day. Our artisanal gelato is handcrafted in-house using Italian recipes and fresh ingredients. You will appreciate our Italian ice cream flavoured with bits of finely ground espresso beans and a dose of espresso powder. It’s an elegant dessert for coffee lovers.

Ingredients  – ‘Cow to Cone’ – no preservatives, no eggs, no gelatine – all natural – the healthier option

  • Our very own cows’ milk
  • Skimmed Milk powder
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Coffee

Don’t Resist the Pleasure of Coffee as Gelato!

Every meal is enhanced when it ends with a steaming cup of coffee or an icy smooth gelato. With its blend of gourmet coffee and Italian ice cream, Fior di Latte’s Coffee gelato delights the coffee and ice cream lover alike. Dig in!


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Rich flavor. Velvety texture. Fior di Latte’s Coffee gelato is not your every day ice cream. When creating this lusciously smooth gelato, we aimed for something sophisticated. The result: a coffee gelato of impeccable flavor and an unforgettable experience.