Cheeky Chocolate

Smooth, velvety with a pure chocolate flavor, Fior di Latte’s Cheeky Chocolate is the ultimate chocoholic fix. We make it from the finest cocoa, fresh milk and pure cream that gives the gelato a smooth, silky texture. Our choice of premium quality cocoa provides a robustly rich chocolate flavor – and the cheeky awesomeness. Perfect for dessert, this delightful treat will wonderfully satisfy your chocolate craving. Heighten your pleasure with our creamy Italian ice cream. Your love affair with chocolate begins with a scoopful of this decadent gelato.

KSh 2,500


Cheeky Chocolate for Your Nairobi Dessert

Cheeky Chocolate is our classic chocolate-flavored gelato. Creamy-smooth and flavorful, this delicious Italian ice cream features only the finest quality ingredients freshly sourced from our farm. Fior di Latte’s chocolate gelato is of such beautiful quality, it would be a crime to just devour it in one scoop. Get a tub instead and spoil the chocolate lovers in your life.


  • Skim Milk
  • Sugar
  • Cream
  • Egg Yolks
  • Cocoa
  • Pectin
  • Salt

Get Naughty With a Scoop of Cheeky Chocolate!

If you’re thinking about that sweet summertime dessert, look no further than our chocolate-themed gelato. Imagine a luxurious, ultra-chocolaty gelato that’s creamy-smooth and flavorful and what you have is Fior di Latte’s Cheeky Chocolate. Treat yourself to a scoop today!


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Succumb to the lure of Fior di Latte’s delectable chocolate gelato. Creamy and decadent, Cheeky Chocolate perfectly blends bittersweet cocoa into creamy gelato. The result: a rich flavor in the best chocolate this side of the universe.