What’s your favourite gelato flavour for each day?

Gelato in Nairobi

Match your mood each day with an amazingly delicious gelato flavour. What are your favourite gelato flavours for each day? Here are some of my favs!

  • Mondays –  I need a pick me upper to get me going! Something comforting, sweet and deliriously delicious like Creamy Caramel and Hazelnut or Peanut Butter Gelato.
  • Tuesdays – I’m celebrating that I got through Monday and so I need to do a little jig the quintessential Italian desert Tantalising Tiramisu Gelato.
  • Wednesdays – it’s the middle of the week! Yay! I need something refreshing.  That just has to be pink lemonade. A splash of lemon and a dash of our freshly picked strawberries
  • Thursday is the new Friday!  and so it has to be a Mojito! This Cuban Classic is the epitome of #TBT. Think Hemmingways and era of decadence and adventure.
  • Thank you Gelato it’s Friday and I got a get my groove on! So I need something that will be tantalising to my tastebuds to get me all revved up for dancing the night away. My favourite pick will be White chocolate! Pure Belgian chocolate melted into the purest gelato treat.
  • Two of my favourite things!
  • Saturdays with my little ones in toe,  we go picking some wild berries at the farm. Some strawberries and some gooseberries. And if we are lucky, some Raspberries and so it has to be something that makes me nostalgic, something that reminds me of my childhood, and that has got to be wild berry sorbet!

It’s Sunday. It’s a new week with new promise. So go on surprise me – what is your favourite flavour?

Delicious gelato in Nairobi
A gelato (Italian ice cream) flavour for each day of the week

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