Five Delicious Treats You Can Make With Your Children Using Gelato

gelato sundaes

After a hard week’s worth of school and work, the weekends are the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had in making delicious desserts with your children.

At Fior Di Latte, we never need an excuse to get crafty with gelato and love to experiment with new recipes, that feature deliciously smooth gelato.

We’ve dug through our recipe books and scoured the internet to find five delicious treats you can make with your children using gelato…

Gelato Sundaes

Difficulty – Very Easy

A really simple way to jazz up a few scoops on gelato, is to create a formidable gelato sundae.

The only limit is your imagination with this one, with accompaniments ranging from melted chocolate, candy sprinkles and chopped fruit.

We love to create gelato sundaes, with two different flavours, then adding chopped nuts, whipped cream and melted chocolate on top!

You can make gelato at home using an electric mixer, however you can easily sort the main ingredient by getting your hands on delicious gelato in Nairobi from Fior Di Latte.

Delicious Gelato Sundaes

Frozen Gelato Cake
Difficulty – Easy

Making the best of two desserts is an opportunity presented by a gelato cake! When one flavour of gelato isn’t enough.
We love making gelato cake because they always seem to look so delicious, plus the taste is fantastic. The secret that you’ll like to keep to yourself is that it is pretty easy to make too. It takes hardly any prep time at all. When we deliver freshly made gelato cakes, the reaction is often one of delight and amazement…

Why not check out some of the recipes on Pinterest

Gelato Cake

Gelato & Cookie Sandwich

Difficulty – Anyone Can Do This!

What do you get when you combine cookies and hand made gelato?

No this isn’t some kind of joke, it’s the simplest treat you can make to really make gelato even more fun! You may have had an ice-cream sandwich before but this is even better.

Baking cookies is such a great activity to do with kids, they can almost do every bit (apart from the hot oven work), making the end product even sweeter.

All you need to do, is bake your cookies a little softer than usual, so that they can combine well with gelato. Then, once your cookies are ready to eat, take two and create a sandwich with your chosen gelato flavour… then enjoy!

All you need is cookies and gelato!

Chocolate and Vanilla Tartufo

Difficulty – Could be tricky

We covered the origins of Tartufo in our blog on some different types of gelato desserts and it’s both a classic and great option to make at home.

The method takes a little more effort than the first two recipes here but the reward is so delicious!

First steps take a fruity filling of your choice, usually something small like berries, to craft your tartufo around, usually using a mould that can easily be placed in a freezer. Like the gelato cake, we recommend combining two flavours in your tartufo creation and using good quality chocolate to create the outer layer.

We’ve found a great picture based guide to this one in an American blog that you can check out here

Gelato tartufo
Chocolate Gelato Tartufo

Chocolate Gelato Profiterole Sundae

Difficulty – Hard if you make everything – Easy if you buy pre-prepared

This is an ideal dessert if your kids want to get messy in both the making and eating of this delightful combination of pastry and soft gelato.

The beauty is that the mix of a soft profiterole and the sweet flavour of the gelato combine so well together and the whole dessert is a bitesize treat, ideal for the whole family.

You can cut some corners here, which is especially useful with younger kids, by buying ready made profiteroles and our very own handmade gelato, so you can complete this masterpiece.

Check out this detailed recipe that we came across –

Gorgeous Gelato Profiterole Sundae

Whatever the dessert you choose, make sure to get the freshest gelato in Nairobi from Fior Di Latte!

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