Our Story – Fior Di Latte Gelato

Our Story: Handcrafted – Italian Styled Ice cream

We create an intensely delicious line of tantalising gelato, sorbets and gelato cakes inspired by local flavours and centred entirely around seasonal produce.  We are an artisanal brand, making hand-made, Italian styled ice cream.

Cow to Cone

Our story includes hand-crafted cones, some of which are gluten-free. The smooth taste that is so characteristic of Fior di Latte is thanks to our ‘cow to cone’ commitment. We embrace all the flavour with less fat and fewer calories – the healthy option.

Artisanal gelato (Italian ice cream), Hand-Crafted cones
Artisanal gelato, Hand-made gelato

The rich milk that creates such smooth gelato comes from our own cows at the farm in Karen. So do the fruits that star in many of our delightful desserts. We have been producing gelato since 2011 and have perfected our product through client feedback at bespoke artisanal events.

Uniquely Kenyan Flavours

At our first gelataria, nestled in Nairobi’s Lavington Mall. Customers can sample over 25 flavours of gelato and sorbet – highlighting local and seasonal delights like gooseberry sorbet, pink lemonade and the new passion fusion. We also make the old time favourites like Perky Pistachio, Heavenly Hazelnut and Creamy Caramel. Our quest for authenticity has seen create ‘Lamu Tamu’ – a combination of cashwenut and coconut.  We pride ourselves with experimenting with new flavours and our clients love the experience of discovering new combinations!

Rich heritage

Our Kenyan heritage is reflected in the ‘Nyaruita’s tree tomato flavour’, inspired by our grandmother. It is made with fruits grown on our grandmother’s very own tree. The bright and crisp sorbets are sweetened with berries from our very own berry patch.

Frozen cocktails

Try some of our naughty and nice flavours – ‘frozen cocktails in a glass’ include mojito, pina colada, passiontini and old fashioned. Most decadent of all is the 100% gelato triple layer cake, utterly unconventional and sensationally delicious.

The next time you want something smooth, sinful or sensational that celebrates the best flavours and produce of Kenya come to Fior di Latte – amazingly delicious thanks to fresh, natural ingredients.

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