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gelato sundaes

Five Delicious Treats You Can Make With Your Children Using Gelato

After a hard week’s worth of school and work, the weekends are the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had in making delicious desserts with your children. At Fior Di Latte, we never need an excuse to get crafty with gelato and love to experiment […]

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Gelato cake

5 Types of Delicious Gelato Desserts

Gelato on it’s own, is a fantastic dessert for sure. But at Fior di Latte, we know Gelato is more than just a scoop in a cone! Take a look at these delicious Gelato desserts to get your imagination dreaming of dessert. Gelato layer cake Forget everything you know about a cake with layers. A […]

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The cuban Mojito

Flavour Description The cuban Mojito has a minty refreshing sensation that is quite naughty and nice. The mint will leave you craving for more and the alcohol content will definitely leave you with a delightful buzz. Our Naughty and Nice is served as a sorbet . Heritage The mojito was born on the island of […]

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Healthy Flavours for Sugar-free Gelato and Sorbet Fans!

If you are diabetic and already concerned about your blood sugar levels, having to deal with added sugars in your favorite frozen treat can be a nightmare. In addition to the effect it has on your waistline, a high intake of sugar has been linked to diabetes and other diseases such as cancer and heart […]

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Gelato made in Nairobi

The Best Dessert

The Best Dessert Gelato is the best Dessert. There’s nothing more relaxing and comforting after a hectic day as a scoop of Gelato. In case you don’t know what gelato is, Gelato means frozen, in Italian. So gelato is basically any frozen dessert. But for most people, gelato is Italian ice cream! We are not […]

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Tree Tomato Sorbet

Nyaruita’s Tree Tomato Deep heritage Nyaruita’s Tree Tomato Sorbet is made from a graft from the Founders Grandmother’s tree tomato trees.The Tree Tomato Sorbet is produced at The Adventure farm by our master chef . Healthy and packed with antioxidant properties This Sorbet is not only delicious but quite a scoop of a healthy treat. […]

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Ice Cream For Everyone

 Saturday’s are for hangouts at Fior Di Latte and a number of cool kids have got the drift .They love to come and hangout at the store as they catch up and wait for their guardians to pick them up. As they hang out they tend to buy different flavors of Gelato as they share […]

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Slumber Party

Snuggle up and watch blockbuster movies kinda weekend or call up your friends for an evening of laughter that turns into a slumber party and we have the perfect party starter pack. Our gelato and sorbet is intensely delicious with less fat and calories than ice cream making it the healthy option. Choose from Velvety […]

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Gelato in Nairobi

What’s your favourite gelato flavour for each day?

Match your mood each day with an amazingly delicious gelato flavour. What are your favourite gelato flavours for each day? Here are some of my favs! Mondays –  I need a pick me upper to get me going! Something comforting, sweet and deliriously delicious like Creamy Caramel and Hazelnut or Peanut Butter Gelato. Tuesdays – I’m […]

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Indulgence with a Healthy Twist – Fior di Latte Dairy Free, Sugar Free gelato Introducing the Fior di Latte Vegan friendly gelato, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, Fat Free gelato and sorbets served in hand-crafted Gluten Free cones. A first in Kenya. This innovative new range is suitable for individuals who have wellness at heart as well as those with lactose intolerance, diabetes and gluten sensitivity.

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