Tree Tomato Sorbet

Nyaruita’s Tree Tomato

Deep heritage
Nyaruita’s Tree Tomato Sorbet is made from a graft from the Founders Grandmother’s tree tomato trees.The Tree Tomato Sorbet is produced at The Adventure farm by our master chef .

Healthy and packed with antioxidant properties
This Sorbet is not only delicious but quite a scoop of a healthy treat. It is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Tree tomatoes also contain iron and potassium. The potassium in the Tree Tomato Sorbet helps in balancing the harmful effects of high sodium levels in the heart. The presence of irons is vital for forming red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body, as well as generating energy from the food one eats. The fruit is also abundant in vitamin C which plays a big role in fighting diseases. Antioxidants contained in the fruit help in fighting free radicals and prevent some diseases such as cancer, anaemia and hypertension, among others. The presence of vitamin A in the fruit ensures a healthy and glowing skin. It also contains anthocyanin and flavonoids which protect the skin from oxidative stress and also aid in anti-aging.

At fiordilatte you will enjoy the Tree tomato sorbet served extra chilled, unbelievably smooth and will have a sweet mouth watering taste that will leave you asking for more of this palate cleanser

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