About us

We make our gelato from scratch, with the best ingredients – many found right here on our farm.

Fior di Latte is an infusion of intense flavour in your mouth. With less sugar and way-less calories than ice-cream, you will be in for a treat without the extra weight around your waist. From Tantalising Tiramisu to Heavenly Hazelnut, our gelato and sorbet flavours will keep you asking for more.

Get creative. Use our gelato, gelato cakes and sorbets to make desserts and become the hostess with the mostest. Be it for a delicious dinner or as the highlight of an unforgettable event.

If you munch it by yourself, that’s alright too!

If you run a restaurant, we are happy to customise flavours for you.

  • From cow to cone
  • Farm fresh – to – plate
  • All fresh and natural
  • Intense flavour



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